We service a client base which extends the length and breadth of the entire Southwest peninsula, providing roof condition survey reports, along with quantity surveying and project management services to residential and commercial clients alike, specifically for heritage and period roofing applications. 


Roof Coverings & Lead-work

Roof Line & Guttering Systems

High Level Masonry 


Our processes.

Surveying and condition reporting

We will attend site to undertake a detailed survey of your roof coverings. Intrusive surveys are undertaken where further investigation of under felts and structural timber work is required. We gather photographic evidence of our findings to be included in our report and will ascertain the dimensions, build up and detailing of the roof for budget costing and specification purposes.

Scope of work and specification 

From our survey findings, we'll make recommendations for the proactive management of your roof stock. This may involve the repair or complete refurbishment of your roof coverings, depending on the overall condition of the existing coverings and our discussions with you as the client about your immediate aspirations and longer term objectives for the property(s). Where the scope of work is limited to isolated repairs, we will also make recommendations on the best way to proactively maintain the existing roof coverings, in order to minimise the risk of future defects occurring unexpectedly.

Project budget costings 

We'll provide an itemised bill of quantities for the required works. We detail all materials, plant, labour and design management requirements for the safe delivery of your project. A budget cost for the recommended scope of work will be provided, this may include multiple sets of costings where more than one scope of work is being considered. For example, one option for isolated repair, another for full refurbishment. At this stage, costings are provided for reference and information purposes only, allowing the client to confidently consider the most viable option for them. 

Project fixed costings

Once the client has had an opportunity to consider and clarify all of the information provided, we will obtain fixed costings for the delivery of the project through a competitive tender process. This involves engaging with suitably qualified and experienced trades people, who will be asked to provide their fixed costings for the full project scope of work, where achievable. Where specialist trades are required for the delivery of specific aspects of the project, for example detailed lead, masonry or timber work, the scope of work will be broken down and issued separately to individual specialists as required. Often this is a requirement when working with heritage and/or period applications, it is also the best way to ensure that the quality of workmanship is of the highest standard. We are all familiar with the 'jack of all trades, master of none' figure of speech, it is crucial that when working with expensive and unforgiving heritage materials that the right pair of hands is on site for each aspect of the project. By procuring individual trades, often we can also achieve better value for money for our client by avoiding any 'main contractor' mark up, which is typically between 15-25% on all materials and sub contract labour provided through their business. 

At this stage, our client will be in a position to appoint the chosen contractor or contractors, to deliver their project. If however the client would like the added reassurance of our project management service, we will assume the role of project administrator ensuring the smooth and compliant delivery of the project. 

Project management

We will assist in appointing the contractors, managing the programme, organising all necessary preliminary items such as access scaffolding and waste management facilities. We will also offer quality assurance against the scope of work being delivered and will apply for, and subsequently obtain all guarantee information relating to the materials and labour supplied to the project. 

We're covered, which means you are too!

Public liability cover of £1m

Professional indemnity cover of £1m

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