90m2 Clay tile re-roof

Renewed failing structural timber work and lead valleys. 

Asbestos slate strip and removal

Natural slate installed with leaded hip and ridge details. 

Double re-roof - Clay tile with ornamental ridge.

Here, we widened the existing undersized coping stones by mechanically fixing timber. The coping stones were then mechanically fixed into place too, before being over clad with code 4 sheet lead. All 66 metres of them.

Sadly for such a new development, there's lots more to do here
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Roof, masonry, lead and timber work repairs, Bristol.

Here we have undertaken extensive works to two adjoining properties. Works included:

>Repair of natural and reconstituted coping stones to both properties.
>Installation of Lead sheet cladding to all coping stones and abutments.
>Repairs to all roof elevations, including stripping and reinstatement of ornate clay ridge. 
>Supply and installation of a new bay roof in code 6 sheet lead. 
>Refurbishment of timber fascia and soffit to both properties.
>Supply and installation of a new rainwater guttering system to both properties.

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Small plain tiled roof refurbishment in Westbury on Trym, Bristol. 
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Stripped and reinstated coping stones with new abutment lead cover flashing.
Westbury on Trym, Bristol. 
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Full clay tile roof refurbishment in Weston village, Bath. Complete with newly refurbished soffit, uPVC clad fascia and new 112mm half round guttering. 
This was a tricky one to get completed over the January period, as all work was completed traditionally which meant that we were hampered by the cold and wet weather!
Our client is delighted with the transformation, and for less than quoted. So in the end, all is well and we are really pleased to have been chosen to deliver this work.


LEAD VALLEY REPAIR - Fishponds, Bristol.
As an alternative to costly full refurbishment, this defective lead valley was repaired.
Splits had occurred in the esxisting oversized lead, due to thermal expansion and contraction.
The existing splits have now been overlaid with new pieces of code 4 lead sheet, extending the life of the existing valley construction for years to come. 
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Supply and installation of lead capping to coping stones - Bedminster, Bristol.
These defective coping stones had been allowing for ingress for years, following several failed attempts at repair. To ensure any ingress issues were permanantly cured, we supplied new code 4 lead capping to the entire run of coping stones, ensuring new cover flashings were chased into the chimney at the abutments. 
Collage 2020-12-19 10_24_15.jpg
Replacing ridge tiles - Bedminster, Bristol.
Stripping and relaying existing concrete ridge tiles, with additional cover flashings to ensure correct coverage can be achieved.
These ridge tiles had been laid with an inadequate lap by others, and had subsequently been repaired using a cement mortar. 
To ensure these ridge tiles would provide adequate coverage to the tiles either side, new code 3 lead cover flashings were installed beneath the reinstated ridge tiles.
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Leadwork, Bath.
Here we supplied new code 4 lead cover flashings, to this large glazing unit on a property in Bath.
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Chimney take down and partial rebuild - Bedminster, Bristol.
Here, a defective chimney was partially dismantled and rebuilt, before being weatherproofed with new lead work and a cement mortar capping. New render was then applied to provide additional long term weatherproofing. 
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Small roof refurbishement - Henleaze, Bristol.
Instalaltion of lead cover flashings to the front gable barge boards.  
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Bedminster, Bristol.
Installation of lead cover flashings to barge boards and inside roof tile abutment, incorporating new uPVC barge boards in anthracite grey. 





Bedminster, Bristol.
Installation of lead cover flashings to roof verge and inside roof tile abutment.
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Weston village, Bath.
New lead back gutter to this chimney.